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for your home heating/cooling project

We are specialists in providing cost effective solutions for home heating, cooling and moisture control.

We promote healthiness in homes particularly with respect to humidity control, which can be a major problem in the Waikato!

We offer only the highest quality heat pump/air-conditioning products available, with five or six year parts and labour warranties that will cost half as much to run as with some other heat pumps, 'you get what you pay for.'

We use our own staff for installations and can therefore guarantee our workmanship.

We offer products suited for the New Zealand climate. Some heat pump products on sale in New Zealand are suited to countries with warmer climates and work poorly in our frosty winter climate.

Heat pumps we sell are designed for the Japanese climate, which is very similar to ours.

We recommend Inverter heat pump/air-conditioners, which are the future of air-conditioning technology and offer many advantages over standard air-conditioners.

Existing Homes

We can visit your existing home, determine your exact requirements and provide a fixed no obligation free quotation. We can book a date and time for the installation and ensure it is completed on time by using our own electrician and installers, not contractors.

New Homes

We will custom design a system from your plans and provide a fixed no obligation free quotation. We install the system as your house is being built, working with your builders and contractors. We fit the piping and wiring during construction and fit-out the heat pump once the decorating is completed to ensure a seamless result.


We can offer the best advice on the type and location of the heat pump.
We can provide a complete installed price.

Beware of buying from a retailer then arranging installation yourself as this splits the responsibility and warranty up. Often this is more expensive than buying direct from a specialized company.

THE HEAT PUMP SHOP is a very well established refrigeration company that has been servicing our customers for over 35 years.

We Guarantee

The performance of the heat pump for your specified needs.
The entire installation.
The workmanship which protects your investment. 

Beware: Faulty installation can cause early failure of your heat pump.

Did you know that Heat Pumps must be serviced each year to keep their manufacturers guarantee?

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